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Having a resource management system in place provides added reliability when planning, improves the workflow of administrative tasks and lets you organize your staff more effectively. QualityCircle is comprised of three modules that work together seamlessly, providing you with a sophisticated solution for resource management.

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With the equipment management system, all devices and other physical resources are stored together in a database, making the provision and maintenance of equipment easier.
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Use a seminar management system to actively develop your employees. Providing your employees with ongoing training ensures you have a workforce of satisfied professionals that you can rely on.
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With the skills management software, you can help your employees to make the most of their skills and potential.
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What is resource management?

Every company has a certain number of resources. The most important resources an organization has are their personnel and equipment. To ensure that work is carried out as efficiently as possible, resources must be utilized correctly. This is where resource management comes in. By effectively allocating resources, you can avoid employee overload and unnecessary equipment purchases.

Advantages of resource management

With good resource management, any company can achieve greater efficiency with less use of resources.

Security Effectively managing resources will give you an increased level of assurance when planning. By having a precise understanding of your workforce capacities, you can incorporate buffers and assess risks more effectively.

Goal setting With resource management, you know exactly how much staff and resources you have at your disposal, so you can set goals much more realistically. This means that there is no longer a risk that you won’t be able to keep your promises – and thus provide greater satisfaction.

With good resource management, any company can achieve greater efficiency with less use of resources.

Relief Ensure that your employees are not idle, but don’t overload them either. With resource management, you can easily avoid overload – without losing productivity.

Analysis In resource management, you work with specific data. The data can also be used, for example, to evaluate the company’s productivity.

Savings If you thoroughly know all the capabilities and use them as efficiently as possible, you can expect to save money. There is no need to hire new employees or buy additional equipment.

Transparency Even within teams, it is possible to determine how many resources are available (also for the future). In this way, resource management supports internal communication.

Why do you need resource management software?

To be able to work as efficiently as possible, you should let the software support you in managing your resources. This way you will have all the information you need in one place. You no longer need to search for data in various tables, documents, or other sources. In addition, resource management software has many features that make your work easier: simple staff scheduling, detailed maintenance plans, resource reservation functions, secure documentation, and many other capabilities.

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Did you know that...
…companies spend about 90 hours a month searching for operational resources?
…only 13% of companies promote digital further training, although 67% of employees find it useful?
…HR managers spend an average of 39% of their working time on administrative tasks alone?

A resource management tool from QualityCircle

Every company has different needs and resources that need to be addressed. QualityCircle adapts to the company, not the other way around.

Clearly structured

In QualityCircle modules, you can see all your resources at a glance. Instead of clicking through cluttered lists, databases, and spreadsheets, you have everything in one place. However, this doesn’t exclude detailed views – you can customize the overview of information in a way that makes the most sense to you.

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Possibility to combine

All three QualityCircle modules have great advantages on their own. But they also work perfectly together. Data from one software is easily transferred to another. But QualityCircle goes one step further: With its numerous interfaces, you can connect resource management with other business applications.

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No two companies are the same, so no software fits every company as a one-size-fits-all solution. Work together with us to design QualityCircle products to provide maximum support for your daily operations.

With us as a partner

We see ourselves as a service partner that stays on your side, focusing on the future. That is why QualityCircle offers comprehensive support. In addition, Quality­Strategy­Coaching offers you assistance in implementing a quality management system.

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Who needs resource management tools?

Any company can benefit from resource management. However, the larger the company, the more important it becomes to have software-based assistance in performance and resource management. QualityCircle’s tools can grow with your business to ensure you always have the exact features you need.

Does resource management have disadvantages?

Resource management – like any administrative task – takes time and effort. However, the investment is worthwhile, as good resource management enables increased productivity through efficient scheduling. With QualityCircle’s easy-to-use software, the workload is also kept within reasonable limits.

Whose responsibility is resource management?

The responsibility for introducing resource management lies with executives, but every employee in the company is required to implement it. With QualityCircle, all employees get their own access. With easy role assignment, you can ensure that each person gets only the rights and functions they need.

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QualityCircle supports you with resource management tools to increase performance and quality. In doing so, we customize the software to your needs and thus provide a system in which you can work without any problems – together with all employees.

  • Comprehensive software for successful resource management
  • Sustainable support during implementation and use of the system
  • Ability to connect the resource management tool with other business applications