Seminar management software – with QualityCircle Seminars

The QualityCircle Seminars module supports you with planning your employee training programs as well as seminar management. All information is gathered in one place - available at any time for both managers and employees. This solution enables you to organize training measures for your employees in a target-oriented way.

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What can seminar management software do

If you want to support your employees with training measures, it’s best to offer them in an organized and targeted manner. If you schedule trainings, workshops or seminars infrequently and without proper planning, they won’t be very successful. Seminar management software helps you develop effective training programs and provide all employees with the support they really need.

Seminar database

The seminar management software is primarily a database for instructions, workshops, trainings, and other types of courses that are optional or obligatory for your employees. The department responsible for the software – for example, HR – enters the offerings into the software, after which, employees can then book them. It doesn’t matter whether your company organizes the course itself or it’s made available through an external service provider.

Online courses

Thanks to software-supported and internet-based seminar management, courses don’t always have to be on-site. Many trainings, for example, can take place either in the form of a video conference, or asynchronously with the help of pre-recorded videos, presentations and interactive courses. With these capabilities, the seminar management software is also able to function as an e-learning platform.

Teaching materials collection

Reliable and comprehensive seminar management software also facilitates the preparation of future courses. Materials, such as training documents or video recordings, are stored in the system long-term and can be used again and again. This can, for example, speed up the onboarding process for new employees. It also lays the foundation for an effective and sustainable knowledge management system.

Certificate allocation

With seminar management software, you also have access to digital certificates. When an employee successfully completes a training course, it can be directly documented with an automatically generated certificate that is securely stored in the system. The advantage of this is that all qualifications remain in the system for years to come.

Advantages of seminar management software

With QualityCircle Seminars – our practical module for digital seminar management – your training efforts will be even more successful. The software’s features help you organize your work so that you can focus on what matters the most: your employees.

Access You can set up access to QualityCircle Seminars for every employee without worrying about data falling into the wrong hands. Only give users the rights they really need. This way you can even add external training providers to your system.

Structure With the software’s help, you can map the entire training process. When mapping your employee training program, it’s important that you arrange courses that build upon each other in the correct order. This will provide structure for all your different training measures.

Automation Seminar management software simplifies a lot of the work steps. Tasks can be handed directly over to employees or can be accelerated through automation, for example.

Blockchain The blockchain technology used in QualityCircle Seminars ensures that certificate allocation is even more secure. All data is permanently stored in a digital, cryptographic list.

Analysis It is also very easy to process data since it is all stored in the same system. Carrying out extensive analyses can help you make improvements to your employee training program in a sustainable manner.

Seminar management software as part of a suite

QualityCircle Seminars supports you with all your seminar management tasks. But we can also help you in other areas of your daily work as well: The training planning software is just one of QualityCircle’s modules. With the skills management software QualityCircle Skills and the equipment management software QualityCircle Equipment, you can take further crucial steps on the path to digitalizing your workflow.

The three modules work hand in hand, speeding up workflows as data flows seamlessly from one area to the next. For example, it’s possible to book rooms for seminars and workshops with the equipment management software, then transfer certificates from successful training courses directly to the skills management software, where the results are stored long-term in the respective employee’s profile. By combining these three modules, you’ll have a comprehensive suite that supports your company in a variety of ways.

QualityCircle Skills
This module enables you to highlight the strengths of all employees and encourage them to reach their potential in a targeted way.
QualityCircle Equipment
Get support in managing your workplace equipment and create helpful maintenance schedules.

QualityCircle is designed to be an integral part of your internal IT. Therefore, we provide numerous interfaces to ensure that our software also works with other business applications. Let us know which combination options are important for your business.

Special support at QualityCircle

With QualityCircle you get sustainable support. This starts with deciding what your company needs from our software. Every company has individual obstacles to overcome so that’s why we tailor our seminar management software and all of our other modules to your needs.

We also help you integrate the software into your company: The QualityStrategieCoaching shows you which hidden potentials are in your company and how you can make the most of them with QualityCircle.


What can be mapped with seminar management software?

From the conception to the concrete planning and implementation to the analysis afterward, every step can be mapped with the seminar management software. Similar to a training matrix, you have all the information you need in one place.

Who is seminar management software suitable for?

Every company and every organization that deals with education and training will benefit from an efficient seminar management system that aids employee development. Let our software help you with your work and ensure that measures are taken in the right places.

Who gets access to the software?

All employees can gain access to QualityCircle Seminar software. Thanks to the option to assign rights and roles, it is possible to regulate who sees which features and information. The restriction options even give you the possibility to offer external service providers access to the seminar management software.

What type of training can be offered?

QualityCircle Seminars can be used for any type of training measure, ranging from a multi-day training course to regular workshops. You can add your own seminars as well as those offered by external service providers. You can even conduct online courses directly via the software.

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With QualityCircle Seminars, you benefit in several ways. Not only does the simple management software take a lot of work off your hands, it can also help you to ensure that training measures are carried out in a more targeted and efficient manner.

  • Easy-to-use modules - for all employees
  • All information on employee training in one software
  • Targeted design, detailed analysis