Training Management Software For More Effective Organization

Would you like to offer trainees, interns or working students the best possible training? Or maybe you want to provide experienced employees with useful options to further their training? With the right software, you can ensure that every phase of the internship or further training is perfectly planned and runs smoothly.

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Whether you’re only in charge of supervising a few interns or you run a large company that specializes in further training concepts, it’s impossible to achieve any goals without proper organization and documentation. In order for your trainees to make the most effective use of their time, a clear plan needs to be created and regular progress checks need to be carried out. The right software helps you plan each step in detail and also communicate it to your trainees in an easy-to-understand way.

Comprehensive system solution

For training management software to be as effective as possible, it has to integrate seamlessly into a company’s existing processes. The goal is for it to become an integral part of other personnel development measures, making it really easy to use. You don’t have to manage trainees and the rest of the workforce separately or even create duplicate profiles.

Software features

Training management software should make your work easier and not cause you any additional effort. The right solution should offer the following:

Create employee profiles All employees (this also includes trainees, interns and working students) are all managed together in one database. The most important information is summarized, providing a good overview of the training status.

Define learning objectives You can openly communicate expectations by adding goals to the system. This way, both trainees and those providing the training can understand what needs to be accomplished.

Distribute roles A good training management software lets you define which employees have which rights. For example, you can decide who is allowed to create course units and who can view the goals.

Create training plan All the modules that are to be completed in the course of the training or internship are displayed in the software. Provide additional learning materials and plan seminars.

Comply with data protection Data protection must always be guaranteed. The management software ensures that only authorized persons have access to sensitive data. It also has the option to delete information if necessary.

Include skill levels During training, one course unit leads to the next. This can also be the case in the training management software. Coordinate modules so that trainees can access them one after the other.

Organize documentation Using training management software means that a large part of the documentation happens automatically anyway. In the long term, it is possible to track who has achieved which learning objectives and when they did so. Certificates and other types of confirmation can be saved in each trainee’s profile.

Tailor to your company No two companies are the same, which is why training management software must be individually adapted to the company’s requirements and circumstances. This also includes good scalability so that the range of features can grow with the company.

The benefits of training management software

Digital training management makes your processes more efficient, saves you time, and can provide a better educational experience.

  • All information contained in one place.
  • Access points are created for all participants to facilitate communication.
  • As an e-learning platform, a lot of the content can be accessed directly via the system.
  • Automation means less time invested in administration.
  • The entire training period in mapped in one tool.
  • The functions are easy to understand and simplify the work.
  • Planning for the training can be viewed by both trainers and trainees.
  • The software automatically takes over the documentation in many aspects.

By implementing training management software in your company, both the business and the trainees benefit from more effective administration.

How does QualityCircle help with training management?

In the QualityCircle suite you will find three different tools that interact with each other. For successful training management, the software module QualityCircle Skills coupled with QualityCircle Seminars is especially recommended. While you can store all information about trainees (or other employees) in the Skills Management module, the Seminar Management module is the perfect tool to plan any form of (further) training.

QualityCircle Skills
In our Skills Management tool, you will find many functions to simplify your personnel management. In the trainee (or employee) profiles you can store all important information about their skills, successfully completed (further) training measures, or any job-relevant certificates. This enables you to keep track of your employees’ development within the company.
QualityCircle Seminars
The Seminar Management tool provides you with ways to actively organize further training for your employees. Whether you want to provide seminars yourself or offer external ones, you will find all the functions you need in the Seminar Management tool.

The two modules work closely together. Perform an action in Seminar Management and have the result transferred directly to Skills Management. This is just one of the many benefits of digital training management.


Do you need specific training management software?

No, you don’t have to purchase a product that is exclusively for training management. When you choose QualityCircle’s software, organizing trainees or interns becomes an integral part of your existing personnel management.

Who is training management software suitable for?

With QualityCircle you can assign roles according to your needs. Give specific groups, such as the HR department, or individuals the right to organize seminars, view progress and make changes to profiles.

Can trainees also use the software?

Yes, trainees, interns, students and all other employees can also access QualityCircle Skills and QualityCircle Seminars. Employees can see their profile in the software as well as their progress and can register for the training sessions on offer. This makes it easier for trainees and trainers to communicate without compromising data protection.

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QualityCircle’s software gives you more time to focus on the most important task - supervising your trainees.

  • Software that adapts to your needs
  • All-in-one solution that perfectly integrates into everyday operations
  • Reduces unnecessary organization and documentation effort