Managing occupational safety with software

The topic of occupational safety can be even better addressed with software. With the help of digital solutions, resources can be organized better and used more efficiently. Although there is special software for work safety, other tools also help create safety concepts.

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What can occupational safety software do?

Special software for occupational health and safety comes with various functions that can support companies. Usually, different types of assistance are provided:

  • Checklists: Pre-made checklists ensure you don’t forget any measures.
  • Risk assessment: To comply with regulatory requirements, you need to determine the risk potential for each work area. You can store and manage these risk assessments in QualityCircle.
  • Reminder functions: When it comes to health and safety, you need to repeat certain tasks on a regular basis. The software can send timely reminders.
  • Templates: To speed up the creation of safety documents, various templates can be stored in the right place in the system.
  • Online instructions: Training employees is an important part of workplace safety. With the right software, this can also be done digitally.
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To be able to work on the go, occupational safety can also be organized through the app. With different access rights and roles, every employee can be involved. This means that everyone can work together to improve work safety in the company in a targeted and sustainable way.

Do you need special software for occupational safety?

No. Although dedicated occupational safety software includes all the features you need, it’s also possible to use other occupational safety software. With QualityCircle modules, you will find very similar functions and you can also use the software for many other tasks in your company.

QualityCircle Equipment

With QualityCircle Equipment Management, you have all your equipment in one place. When it comes to health and safety, the software helps in two different ways:

  1. Every piece of technical equipment in a company must be regularly inspected and maintained. Only continuous inspections can ensure that the equipment in operation does not pose a danger to employees. You can create a separate timer for each piece of equipment or component to ensure that no maintenance is forgotten. Each maintenance session can also be documented directly in the tool.
  2. The equipment management tool also allows you to perform risk assessments. You can assign your own test criteria and thus conduct an assessment tailored to your situation. Complete documentation is legally compliant.
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QualityCircle Seminars

QualityCircle Seminar Management is not only ideal for workshops and further education, but it is also the right tool for organizing health and safety training. You specify which employees are to receive training and when. This way no one forgets any important appointments.

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Due to the wide range of functions included in our software – especially by combining different modules – it is possible to develop holistic concepts. For example, establish a technical device that employees can only use after appropriate training. To do this, create a workshop in the seminar software. Only after successfully completing the training do employees receive permission to use the device. This certificate can then be saved in QualityCircle’s Skills Management – all automatically.

It is also possible to hold seminars directly online. At the end, every employee who has received the training receives a certificate – thanks to blockchain technology, this is tamper-proof.

This is how our seminar software supports occupational safety in your company:

  • Occupational safety instructions can be planned in advance
  • Training documents can be made available online
  • Completed training sessions are acknowledged with a tamper-proof certificate


Who is occupational safety software suitable for?

Any company can improve occupational safety with software. A good digital solution can automate some tasks and gather all documents and information in one place. However, especially for smaller companies, the software should be flexible and able to grow with the company. That way, the product doesn't create more work than it saves.

Who needs access to occupational safety software?

Ideally, every employee should be able to help operate the software so it doesn't all rest on one person’s shoulders. The important thing here is to be able to divide roles and permissions. This is the only way to ensure that no one gets access to information that is not intended for everyone.

In QualityCircle Equipment, as well as in QualityCircle Seminar, you can distribute permissions individually or create groups with different levels of permissions.

Does every occupational health and safety software offer the same?

No, the range of features varies from program to program – and this has its advantages as well. Every company is unique and has individual requirements. While some need a lot of features, others are better served by simpler software. If you choose QualityCircle modules instead of specific software, you can customize the tools to meet your needs.

Can occupational safety be organized via app?

Yes, many manufacturers also offer iPhone and Android apps. At least some tasks can be done on the go using mobile apps. At QualityCircle, we also offer apps as an add-on to our platforms that give you or your employees access to functions.

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Occupational safety 4.0: With the right software, you can digitize your occupational safety measures. You may not even need special occupational safety software for this. With QualityCircle’s modules, you can also competently and safely handle many tasks related to occupational safety. The advantage of our products is that they support many more areas in your company with the different modules.

This is how QualityCircle helps you to optimize occupational health and safety in your company:

  • Support for documentation
  • Reminder functions for deadlines
  • Organization of all devices
  • Management of instructions & trainings
  • Creation of own samples and templates