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Staring at a blank canvas can be quite daunting. You may have a picture in your head, but where do you start? Skills management in your organization can be a similar challenge. In partnership with QualityCircle, Katrin Renn offers coaching and consulting for companies looking to make the most of their employees’ skills, promote professional development and strategically plan for the future.


Imagine being able to make the most of your employees’ competencies and develop this potential together – employees and management – throughout the company.


Internal motivation creates a productive work environment that gives a company a real competitive advantage.

Often good processes are thought up but not implemented well, leading to frustration for all involved. What is needed are people who get behind the system.

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Companies that want to optimally qualify employees and for whom employee retention is a key issue benefit from intelligent skills management.

If you want to make sure

that everyone in your company supports the change and that QualityCircle Skills is implemented quickly and efficiently, then systematic support is the way to go.

The choice is yours

To ensure that QualityCircle Skills is implemented well, you can choose between four different success modules depending on your company’s needs.

Analyze Get an overview of existing and required skills. We work at different levels within your company and you get to decide how and where QualityCircle Skills can best support you.

Change Change processes require multiple impulses using different methods. You want to make sure that QualityCircle Skills is actively used. We use a wide range of methods for sustainable implementation.

Implement Training for the gamechangers – your managers. With effective methods they help employees develop better in the company and align their own goals with those of the company.

Transform QualityCircle Skills offers you the opportunity to test your company’s identity. You can carry out restructuring processes in your company, develop a new culture and define (developmental) values.

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As a system trainer, a long-time manager and with my experience in change and digitization processes, I am happy to accompany you in implementing QualityCircle Skills.

“So that you have time for what is most important in your company – your employees”.

Make an appointment with me to get to know me and the QualityCircle Skills mission. I will be happy to analyze the potential of your company with you!


Who is professional support beneficial for when implementing skills management software?

For companies who deem it important for skills management software to support strategic staff development goals. Managers who want an intelligent change process with a tried and tested concept and a comprehensive set of methods to implement the software in a meaningful and sustainable way in their daily work and management. Those who place emphasis on increasing employee engagement and identification with the company from the moment the software is introduced.

Does external support pose any disadvantages when implementing the software?

No one knows your company and its individual challenges better than you do. External support offers the opportunity, but also the risk, of challenging structures and processes that are already in place. The key to success is to design the change process together with your company. This way you won’t get a ready-made solution that will be imposed on you, but rather software that everyone in your company is onboard with and will use in the long run.

Who is responsible for successful skills management?

Effective skills management involves the entire company. Managers, executives, and employees are responsible for defining and analyzing, assessing and developing the required skills. Skills management software provides transparency to enable the use of existing skills to be optimized. Human resources departments recognize the potential for further development in a timely manner and can provide optimal support and offer specific services.

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