Equipment management with QualityCircle

From forklifts to keyboards, the equipment that a business has needs to be thoroughly cataloged. With QualityCircle Equipment, you can manage all your equipment in one place, allowing you to efficiently create schedules and organize equipment availability.

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Why is equipment management necessary?

Companies need a good overview of all the equipment and other physical resources that staff use for the business’ operations. One reason this is important is that it is the only way to accurately determine a company’s value. Equipment management software is not only helpful when it comes to listing all your devices, it also has many other useful features.

Maintenance software

Machines that are used in production have to be maintained regularly, especially complex ones. To ensure that this is done in an orderly manner, a maintenance schedule should be created. Software helps with this by ensuring that you do not miss any maintenance deadlines and also by providing detailed information on the machine (such as a maintenance history).

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Combinable with one another

Businesses are obliged to have electrical equipment checked for safety. First and foremost, the German Social Accident Insurance (Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung) has made electronic device inspections mandatory to ensure employee safety as well as that of the entire company. These checks should be managed efficiently to ensure that deadlines are not missed. Risk assessment is also part of equipment management.

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Perform inventories

Know which work equipment and tools the company possesses at any one time: Carrying out regular inventories gives you a precise overview of the current status of your equipment. With modern software, you can fully digitize your inventory lists so you always have an up-to-date overview.

Reserve work equipment

It is not only important to know what equipment is available in the company, but also where it is located. To simplify the provision of tools or other equipment, a reservation system can also be set up using the equipment management software. Each employee can see which device is currently available and then reserve it.

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The benefits of electronic equipment management

QualityCircle Equipment supports you in the complete management of your equipment. Organize all your equipment using just one software tool and always have all the information you need at hand.

Detailed information You can store a wide variety of information about your equipment in our equipment management system. Provide as much detail as you need for your purposes.

Extensive digitization With software-controlled equipment management, all information is stored digitally and permanently. This way you comply with the necessary documentation obligations and can also track all changes in a permanent log.

Easy to use The management software is not intended to create additional work for you, but rather to make your work easier. With this in mind, the software has been structured and designed in a clear way so that all employees can use it.

Useful cataloging It won’t be of much help if all your work equipment is gathered in one place, but it’s not in any kind of order. Create meaningful groups so you can find devices quickly when using the software.

Quick reservations All employees will find tools and other work equipment in the software that they can reserve for themselves. This prevents misunderstandings and allows for better planning.

Unique identification To ensure that all devices can be clearly allocated, provide them with individual identification features. You can do this in the traditional way and use inventory numbers or you can take a more modern approach and use barcodes and RFID technology.

Helpful reminders You can create reminders to know when to perform regular maintenance, for example. QualityCircle Equipment will inform you and your employees in a timely manner about the upcoming appointment.

Clear access permissions In QualityCircle Equipment, each employee receives access to the system so that everyone can help organize the equipment. To ensure that the system remains secure and that no errors can occur, it’s important to only give users as many access rights as they need.

Connection options

QualityCircle Equipment is designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing IT infrastructure, and therefore we provide numerous interfaces to popular business solutions. Contact us so we can work together to guarantee an efficient workflow for your company.

QualityCircle Equipment is also part of a comprehensive suite that supports you in various aspects of your daily work:

QualityCircle Skills
The skills management software effectively supports you in organizing your employees and brings their strengths to the forefront.
QualityCircle Seminars
With the seminar management tool, you can actively work on furthering your employees’ development. Offer workshops yourself or show seminars from external providers.

Although all three modules can be used separately, they can also be easily combined with one another. For example, the seminar management software can access work equipment within the equipment management software, and employees with a skills management software account can easily reserve equipment in QualityCircle Equipment.

Support & help

Every company faces individual challenges. QualityCircle Equipment and the other modules in the suite are designed to help you overcome these obstacles. That’s why we tailor the software to your company. In addition, the QualityCircle team is always available to answer your questions.

By introducing QualityCircle software to your company, you can change processes in your daily operations to make everything more efficient. Quality­Strategy­Coaching helps to make the transition as easy as possible. Find out how you can improve your company by getting to know our software and its potential even better.


Who is equipment management suitable for?

Every company can make their equipment management more efficient with QualityCircle Equipment. Thanks to the easy-to-understand structure of the software, even small businesses can use its features without having to invest much effort. Large corporations, on the other hand, benefit from the many possibilities that the equipment management software offers.

Is additional hardware required for equipment management?

No, you don’t necessarily need new hardware and you don’t have to provide your own server structure. With internet access and a web browser, you are already well equipped and can get started.

However, when a company reaches a certain size, investing in technologies so you can clearly and unmistakably identify work equipment can be essential. For this purpose, a feature for reading barcodes and QR codes is already integrated in QualityCircle equipment, so no additional hardware is required.

Which equipment can be managed with the software?

You can add any piece of equipment to QualityCircle Equipment’s database. It doesn’t matter if you have large machines that have numerous parts, vehicles or simple computer equipment. You just have to create a unique entry for each object and add the information that you deem relevant.

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Equipment management software acts as an organizational tool, maintenance software and inventory software all at the same time. With QualityCircle Equipment’s many features, you’ll discover brand new ways to organize your equipment.

  • All information - together in one software
  • Accessible for all employees - thanks to precise access rights
  • Easy to integrate into daily work routine - and optimize workflow