QualityCircle Skills: Smart skills management software

With an intelligent skills management system, you can put teams together in a way that leverages the diverse strengths of your employees, leading to better performance and work quality. Skills management software can help you to analyze employees’ skills and identify potential areas for development. Bring out the best in your teams!

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What can a skills management tool do?

Skills management involves administrative effort, especially if you want to use the technology in a comprehensive and extensive way. If you rely on lots of individual documents, various spreadsheets, and graphics, it may be difficult to keep track of everything. This is exactly where skills management software comes in:

  • Detailed overview of all employees
  • Precise look into how each team member is developing
  • Easy way to create suitable teams
  • Planning for target-oriented training measures

Manage employees

Just like with other personnel management tools, you can find an overview of all your employees in our skills management system. Unlike other applications, however, the primary focus here is on the skills that each individual brings to the table. Tracking the progress each employee has already made can help you to plan for the future.

  • Comprehensive: All employees and their data are in one application so no one gets overlooked.
  • Simple: Thanks to ease of use and automation, skills management software can help you to manage everything easily.
  • Transparent: The whole company can use the software, simplifying communication and ensuring everyone is up to date on the latest decisions.
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Put together teams

Every employee has different strengths and weaknesses, which is great for creating dynamic teams. Placing employees with different yet complementary skill sets together in a team can provide further benefits for your company:

  • Motivation: When the skills that a team member excels in are sought after, others in their team will automatically become more appreciative of the work they do. This, in turn, will boost the employee’s motivation.
  • Development: When it comes to competency development, having people with different skills work together creates opportunities for continued learning and growth.
  • Performance: Perfectly coordinated teams can achieve more than an employee can on their own.

Uncover potential

If you know the exact skills each employee possesses, you can use this information to identify areas for potential development. On the one hand, this helps promote growth and on the other hand, it ensures that all employees receive the training measures they really need.

  • Future-oriented: By investing in your employees’ development, you pave the way for a more successful company.
  • Targeted: Instead of providing the same training to every employee, you can offer targeted training, workshops and seminars. This ensures the effective use of resources.
  • Valuable: With skills management tools, you view your employees as skilled workers who can give your company an edge over the competition.

QualityCircle Skills – individual and efficient

QualityCircle’s skills management software provides you with the support you really need when managing your personnel. Save each employee’s information individually so you can create a comprehensive profile for them. With QualityCircle, you can even assign external documents and certificates to their range of skills. All data is stored securely and permanently using blockchain technology.

With QualityCircle Skills, you always have an overview. Thanks to simple and customizable view options, you can immediately see which skills are still needed in a team. If you notice that a group is still looking for certain skills that are present elsewhere in your organization, you can take immediate action.

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To increase transparency and simplify communication, QualityCircle Skills allows all employees to have access to the system. However, to ensure data protection, different roles and rights can be assigned. This lets you define which users have access to which features and which information.

With QualityCircle Skills, you always have an overview. Thanks to simple and customizable view options, you can immediately see which skills are still needed in a team. If you notice that a group is still looking for certain skills that are present elsewhere in your organization, you can take immediate action.

Thinking ahead with skills management

QualityCircle has different modules that work hand in hand to support your company in the best possible way. You can use QualityCircle Skills individually or combine it with QualityCircle Equipment or QualityCircle Seminars. With these modules, employees can access seminars directly via the software and personally reserve the equipment they need.

QualityCircle’s modules are designed to be an integral part of your IT and can therefore be combined with other business solutions. Our software is open design, which means we offer interfaces to many third-party vendors. Simply let us know which integrations you need.

QualityCircle Equipment
Get help managing your equipment and create helpful maintenance schedules.
QualityCircle Seminars
With the seminar management tool, you can actively work on furthering your employees’ development. Offer workshops yourself or provide your employees with seminars from external providers.

QualityCircle as a partner

With us, you don’t get off-the-shelf software. Each company is individual and therefore the software must be adapted accordingly. QualityCircle Skills is easily scalable, which means as your business grows, the software’s functionality can too. Our support team will accompany you every step of the way.

With Quality­Strategy­Coaching, we also want to make it easier for you to get started. Learn all about software-based quality management and how QualityCircle can support your company’s processes.


Who are skills management tools suitable for?

Any company can use skills management software to build smarter teams and support employees in their development. Because QualityCircle Skills is easily scalable, both small businesses with a low number of employees as well as large corporations with multiple locations can benefit from the system.

Who has access to skills management software?

Any employee can use QualityCircle’s skills management software. In most companies, the HR department is typically responsible for managing the system and regulates access to the system by assigning roles to all employees. This way they are able to ensure that there is as much transparency as possible for everyone while still upholding data privacy standards. Employees only see the data they are authorized to see.

Can I connect the software to other applications?

Yes, QualityCircle’s software can be interconnected as well as linked with third party vendors. Here is how you can integrate QualityCircle Skills into your existing infrastructure.

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QualityCircle Skills will change your perspective. Unlock the potential of your employees by seeing them as professionals with specific skill sets. Doing so will lead to high-performing teams that are satisfied!

  • Motivated employees
  • High performance
  • Future-oriented training